Canada Cabin

June 14 (Sun) Don, David, Andy and Josh States leave Boulder for what ended up being an all night drive to the Wathaman River. As usual, the Suburban was filled to record capacity.

June 15 (Mon) Don, Andy, David and Josh States arrive at the landing at 11AM. A fast portage and boat retrieve from 2 mile island and we are underway about 6PM. The heavy load meant a slow trip to the island where we arrived about 9PM.

June 21 (Sun) Canadian friends arrive for a 5 night stay. Ray Miller (Father), Perry Miller (Son), Neal Pringle (Perry’s friend), Jerry Wudrich, (Ray’s son-in-law), Bryden and Kale (Jerry’s sons). Jerry took over chief cook duties.

July 2, Canadian crew leaves to camp near landing

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