Canada Cabin

June 2 (Mon) Don and David leave Boulder. Stop along the way at Plentywood and Brabant. A stop in PA to pick up the satellite dish and equipment is disappointing since the transceiver was inoperative and we had to make arrangements for Jim to pickup the replacement on his way through PA later that week.

June 4 (Wed) Arrive landing and David portages almost everything. It is quite hot and he drinks a vegetable juice for hydration. Shortly after underway for the island, David upchucks all the vegetable juice and remains feeling rather under the weather. Don empties out the boats pretty much alone as David gets to bed early, still feeling rather poorly.

June 7 (Sat) Don and David take boats to landing to pick up Jim Bunker, Rod Ury and Roger. Rod forgot one Honda gas can and hose. He drove back to Davin Lake Lodge and barrowed a tank and hose that eventually cost $550 (outrageously). Don installs a walnut transom in the 14’ Lund with Jim’s help. Everyone helps Don successfully install the satellite dish and computer based telephone service using Skype.

June 11 Rod finds our long missing Naden 13’ aluminum boat in the Caldwell River over the portage from Spalding Lake. Rod catches a 17lb northern while Jim get a 13 lb one.

July 3 (Thur) David and Don have an ideal day to cross the lake and stow the boats at 2 mile island. Start the straight through drive home. David drives from south of Melford to the border during the night, listening to his music. Arrive in NP about 5PM on July4. David “stings” Jim with a phone story about being broken down on North Dakota, then we walk into the house for the big surprise. Betty and Don drive to Boulder the next day.

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