Canada Cabin


June 10,Don and Ken Ladley leave Boulder, go to island June 1.

June 26 lv island ,stay in LaRonge hotel. Ken to airport, Don to Brabant to meet w/Jim’s family

June 28 Jim, Julie, Jeff, Britney , David and Don go to island

July 5 All leave island I day early due to smoke. Met fishermen at 2 mile island, warned of fire convoy. Spent night in truck stuck at Bear Lake.

June 6, stuck at Bear Lake all day. Run into Gregory Clark and Tommy Bird. Went back to Brabant, ate dinner, checked in. Phone call from Steve. Left for LaRonge after showers for LaRonge. Met Betty at Riverside Motel. Jim’s drove home.

June 7   Betty and Don stuck in LaRonge, do errands. Stay at harbor Inn.. Don looses hearing aide.

June 8. Get thru convoy driving north about noon, drive to Brabant to spend night.

June 9   Leave Brabant about 8 AM. Spend 2 hours on portage and have easy trip to island.

June 20 leave island for LaRonge. Stay at Waterfront Motel. Betty to airport June 21 for 10:45 flight. Don picks up Steve, Sophia and Amin at 8:30PM for 6:30 flight. Drive to Brabant in fog to spend night in cabin #5.

July4 All leave island and drive to LaRonge to buy prednizone and eat out and spend night at Waterfront motel.

July 5 Steve, Sophia and Amin leave on 10:45 flight in rain. Don drives north alone in rain, stops to visit with Air Stream folks. Portages (see separate writing) and gets to island that night alone.

August 17 8AM leave for landing and to pickup Jay, Ruth, Kinley and Tara.

August 24 All leave island. Don stay at LaRonge Motor Lodge.

August 25 Don stay at Super 8 in Miles City.

Aug 26 drives to Boulder.

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