Canada Cabin


First Trip

  • June 1, Don, Jeff and Hidayat left Boulder.
  • June 3 Leave Brabant at 6:50 AM. Got island at 9:45PM.
  • July2 All leave island to drive straight home. Arrive Boulder about 7PM.

Second Trip

  • July 16 Betty and Don drive to Sidney, stay at Richland Inn, rain there.
  • July 17 Drove to Brabant, they didn’t have my reservation. Had gassed in LaRonge, rained all the way to Brabant. Road very bad for 20 miles north of blacktop.
  • July 18 Left Brabant at 6:50 and arrived at landing at 8:46. There was a light rain. Started portage at 9:10. Arrive at island at 8:30PM.
  • July 23 Don left island to pick up Scott and Pat. Made it back to the island with Scott and Pat after rough a rough water delay about 5 PM.
  • July 30 Left island in lifting fog for landing. Alistair and Wes not there. Don drove to LaRonge to pick up Alistair and Wes. Drove back to spend night in Brabant.
  • July 31 Left Brabant at 5:30AM. Drove through very high water on road in two spots. Arrived at landing at 7:30. Leave landing at 8:30AM and arrive island at 10:45AM.
  • August 8 Leave island at 5:30AM. Drive Alistair and Wes to Brabant where I spent the night waiting for Rod to arrive the next morning.
  • August 9 Rod arrived at Brabant at about 8AM and we drove to the landing. Arrived island
  • August 19 Leave island at 8AM. Picked up Jay and Harry and motored to island.
  • August 25 Don and Harry left island to take Jay back to landing so he could get checked at LaRonge hospital. Very bad trip back to island. Harry fell in lake at landing and nearly froze during long windy trip back to the island.
  • August 27 Don and Harry leave island and spend night at Brabant.
  • August 28 Don and Harry drive to Plentywood where we spent the night.
  • August 29 Don and Harry drive to Boulder.

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