Canada Cabin


First Trip

  • June 1, Don, Jeff & Hidayat leave Boulder. Drive to Plentywood for night.
  • June 2, Drive to Brabant for night.
  • June 3, Leave Brabant @ 6 AM. Start portage @8:20. Underway @3 PM. Plough thru ice at low island, camp on Ice Island.
  • June 8, Scouted to island at 4 AM. Returned to Ice Island, picked up boys & gear. Arrived island @8:15.
  • June 30, Leave island. Drive straight home.
  • July 1, Arrive home at 7 PM.

Second Trip

  • July 10, Don & Betty leave Boulder and spend night in Plentywood.
  • July 11, Don & Betty drive to Brabant.
  • July 12, Leave Brabant at 7:06. Arrive bridge @ 8:50. Arrive portage @ 9:06 Underway @ 6:06. Motor stopped by floating blue rope. Arrive island @ 9:45PM.
  • July 24, Don & Betty leave island and drive to LaRonge where they spend the night at the Harbor Inn.
  • July 25, Don takes Betty to airport for her plane home.
  • July 26, Breakfast in LaRonge with Tom & Mary. Pick up their canoes at Missinippi. Drive to landing, relay their gear to portage in truck. Underway @6:10. Tom & Mary with kids in 2 canoes plan to tent/paddle to island.
  • July 29, Don searches lake and find Tom & Mary at 7.2 mile mark. They were held up by rainy/windy weather. Don tows them to island.
  • August 4, Don, Tom, Mary & kids leave island @ 8:22AM. Tom underway @12:22. Don returns alone to island.
  • August 12, Don to landing @ 5:15PM, Jim, David & Rod arrives @ landing 5:30PM.  Portage, boat to island.
  • August 21, Leave island to take Jim, David and Rod to landing and then pick up Jay and Duke about 10AM for rainy trip to island. 
  • August 28, Gregory Clarke, wife and 2 kids visit island.
  • September 1, Don, Jay and Duke leave island. Get to Brabant after they were closed but Jay and Duke find men working in shop and get cabin opened.
  • September 2, Jay and Duke split up in LaRonge and Duke drives home with Don while Jay goes to Montana to see Sabra.

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