Canada Cabin



First Trip

  • June 6 (Thursday), Sakeenah, Hidayat and Don leave Boulder and stay in Sidney, Mt.
  • June 8, Arrive landing, portage and boat to island.
  • July 2, All leave island for Boulder.
  • July 4, Arrive Boulder at noon.


Second Trip

  • July 15, Don leaves Boulder alone.
  • July 16, Don meets Ury's in Braybant for night.
  • July 17, All arrive landing, portage and boat to island.
  • August 1, Ury's leave island and Don is alone.
  • August 4, Joe Roberts and grandson Keifer arrive island by canoe.
  • August 11, Joe and Keifer leave island, Don is alone.
  • August 17, Dick Berrteth arrives island by canoe.
  • August 22, Dick leaves island by canoe, Don is alone,
  • August 23, Jay arrives landing, portage and boats to island.
  • September 1, Jay and Don leave island for Boulder.
  • September 3, Don arrives Boulder.

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