Canada Cabin



  • June 6, Hidayat and Don leave for Canada. Stay at Broadus, Mt.
  • June 7, Drive to Prince Albert and stay at Super 8.
  • June 8, Drive to Stanley Mission, but miss everyone who are at fishing derby, stay at Brabant.
  • June 9, Drive to landing , portage and boat to island.
  • July 2, Leave island for Boulder.


  • July 15, Bob & Ron Bettinger and Don leave Boulder in 2 trucks, stay in Sidney.
  • July 16, Drive to Brabant, stay night there.
  • August 1, All leave island, Bettingers for Boulder, Don to pick up Betty at airport at 3:45Pm. Don & Betty buy supplies and drive to Brabant.
  • August 2, Drive to landing, portage and boat to island.
  • August 3, Gord arrives for visit.
  • August 12, Jim’s camp on IceIsland.
  • August 16, All leave island, see moose, arrive La Ronge 6:30 PM. Meet Jay, eat pizza, Don & Betty stay at Harbour Inn.
  • August 17, Don takes Betty to airport, then he and Jay buy groceries, got Jays Toyota into garage for repair and drove to landing, portaged and boated to island.
  • August 25, Left island and stayed at Riverside Motel in La Ronge.
  • August 26, Left for Boulder in two trucks, Don stayed in Sidney.

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