Canada Cabin


Moved into cabin, Loft floor, build, railing, ladder, bed, table, benches and varnish kitchen cabinets, water pump (electric) failure, Fall trip.


  • June 1, Barbara Anderson, Andrew Nickerson and Don leave Boulder.
  • June 19, Don drives to La Ronge to pickup Carroll, Jack and Cousin because there truck transmission was broken.
  • June 27, Barbara, Carroll, Jack, Cousin and Don leave island for a night in La Ronge.
  • June 28, We all go on to Prince Albert to take them to the garage where their truck transmission has been repaired. Buy supplies and drive back to Brabant for the night.
  • June 28, On to the island this morning.
  • July 6, We leave island for Boulder.


  • July 16, Betty, Shirley, Josh Hancock, Dog and Don leave Boulder in Honda and truck. Spend night in Sidney.
  • July 17, Drive to Wadin Bay.
  • July 18, Drive to Stanley Mission, on to OtterLake to leave Honda then to Brabant.
  • July 19, Drive to landing, portage and boat to island.
  • August 1, Dave Bunker, wife Janet, son Mat, son Eric plus Jim, Julie, Jeff, Brittany and David arrive by float plane.
  • August 1, Betty, Shirley, Josh and dog leave on floatplane back to Otter Lake.
  • August 6, Dave’s and Jim’s leave by floatplane. Don alone.
  • August 8, Don goes to landing to get Lorri, Art, Shawn & Alex Fulkerson.
  • August12, Don returns Fulkersons to landing and picks up Sabra and Dave Olson.
  • August 18, We all leave island for Boulder.


  • September 24, Jay and Don leave for Canada. Night at Sidney
  • September 25, Night at Brabant
  • October 3, Leave island late, stay at Points North.
  • October 4, Tour mines, buy furs, leave La Ronge

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