Canada Cabin


Cut window molding, railing poles, logs, laid deck, installed high windows, hauled rocks, built bear trap


  • June 9, Don and Alistair Grant left Boulder.
  • June 27, Went to La Ronge for stitches in Don’s fingers.
  • July 23, Jay arrived and we had bad gas experience taking him back to the island.
  • July 25 Went to Brabant to get new supply of gasoline to replace bad gas that was dumped.
  • August 3, Jay and Alistair left island with Don. Don stayed in PA Motel that night.


  • August 4, Don drove to Sidney to pick up Betty after discovering charter cancellation.
  • August 5, Don drove to WadinBay for night with Betty and Shirley Mason.
  • August 6, Drove to landing, portaged and boated to island.
  • August 8, Jim and Jeff flew to island on Cessna 185 floatplane.
  • August 16, Betty, Shirley, Jim, Jeff and Don left island for night at Brabant.
  • August 17, Drove to La Ronge. Lost trailer. Ate Breakfast at harbor Inn. Took Jim & Jeff to airport. Retrieved stuff from trailer and started home.

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