Canada Cabin


Trim rafters, haul 60 pc s of 7/16” siding at 45 lb each, haul 56 pc s of roof deck at71 lb each, portage and erect modified band saw, install roof deck and tarpaper, side walls, rafters & truss plates, 95 lb center log bracket, roof trellis, cut/peel railing logs, fixed generator.


  • May 31, (Wednesday), Don and Jerome leave Boulder
  • July 5, Pick up Jay at landing
  • July 16, All left the island for Boulder


  • July 31(Monday), Betty, Shirley & Don leave for Canada.
  • August 1, Met Tom in La Ronge
  • August 13, Left island for Boulder  


  • August 19, Frank, Ed and Don leave Boulder
  • September 1, Left island


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