Canada Cabin


Portage thickness planer, ice delay, saw, plane, size and lay floor, fabricate & erect walls, install ridge pole & purlins, install rafters, build permafrost cooler, install loft floor beams.


  • May 21, Jerome, Martin and leaving for Canada. And encountered ice on lake .
  • June 6, Jim, Dave and Mat are picked up at the landing.
  • June 14, Jim and Don make a windy trip to landing for gas.
  • June 16, Jim, Dave and Mat leave island with Martin and Don to go to Southend for gas and supplies, returning late same day.
  • June 28, Jeromy, Martin and Don left island for Boulder.


  • July 12, Martin, Sabra, Jay and Don leave Boulder.
  • July 25, 1993, Jay and Sabra leave island for Boulder.
  • July 25, Martin and Don drive to Southend for supplies.
  • August 19, Martin and Don leave island after sinking 14’Lund on the beach.


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