Canada Cabin


Dig pier holes, mortar 24 piers, dig pad foundation, mortar & concrete foundation, clean & haul gravel, haul in windows and bags of cement, pour cement pad, erect beam posts, beams and floor joist, and lay sample flooring.


  • May 28, (Friday) Frank Watts, Barbara Anderson (Betty's tennis partners daughter) and Don left for Canada, me driving my new 1985 Suburban with tank trailer and Frank and Barbara in Frank’s Bronco.
  • June 10, All left the island for Boulder.  


  • June 30, Don, Dewayne and Jay left Boulder in the heavily loaded Sentra.
  • July 8, Don, Dewayne and Jay went to La Ronge to buy Portland cement in a change of plans to finish the stone floor foundation with poured concrete rather than stone and mortar.
  • July 18, Saturday at 12:45 PM Ruth arrived at the landing.
  • August 2, Ruth and Jay left.
  • August 20, Don and Dewayne left island for Boulder.


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