Canada Cabin


Secure lease, clear cabin site, build cook tent, saw pavilion, john, portage band saw, assemble saw, cut trees, saw logs, glue joist and beams.




  • May 27, Don, Dewayne (just married), Jo Ann (his wife), Brian Hoskins (Dewayne’s college friend) and Kelly Detter (Brian’s girlfriend) left Boulder.
  • June 12, Brian and Kelly left the island.
  • July 5, we drove to La Ronge to meet Jim and Jay the next day. Restocked our food   supplies and traveled back to Dancing Loon.
  • July 23 we went to La Ronge with Jim and Jay to get the saw tension bolt repaired and returned to dancing Loon, having said goodbye to Jim and Jay.
  • August 4 we spent the day waiting for the weather to clear enough to let us leave the island. Got underway about 5PM and portaged stuff to the truck that evening. We slept at the landing and started home in the morning.




  • August 15 left Boulder for Canada with Frank Watts and Betty.
  • August 27 returned to La Ronge in a very heavy rain and with a failing transmission.

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